OPEIU Local Union 459 Strike Notice Controversy

OPEIU Local Union 459 represents more than 650 nurses' aides, pharmacy technicians, housekeeping and office personnel. They have been in negotiations with management at the hospital since last August.

Friday, the union issued a strike notice. Management says that notice is unlawful because it was given in the middle of negotiations. They also say they have not heard a response yet about issues on the proposed contract.

Union representatives say they have responded to the proposed contract, but many of the responses have been "no." They also say there is nothing unlawful about the strike notice given.

Management and the union are also in disagreement about persuading nurses, who fall under another bargaining unit, to support Local 459. Management says it is inappropriate. Union representatives say they are reaching out to nurses because they too may face the same issues when they renegotiate their contract.

Both hope to reach an agreement. They will go back to the bargaining table Wednesday. If an agreement can not be met before April 12, the workers will go on strike.