Could East Lansing's Weekend Disturbances Be Prevented?

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Tear gas, the most criticized and some say unwarranted police tactic used this past weekend. Captain Juli Liebler of the East Lansing Police Department says she doesn't know what else her officers could have done to move the thousands of people both in the downtown area and at Cedar Village. Police were getting pelted with beer bottles, bricks and asphalt and they needed to clear the crowds before the situation got worse.

Deputy City Manager Jean Golden says the use of chemical force was necessary. East Lansing Police alone used about 100 canisters of the noxious gas leaving some wondering what could be done different in the future. Liebler suggests a neutral, legal celebration location and if that doesn't work how about turning down the tournament bid?

Up until 1968 East Lansing was completely dry but Golden doesn't think that's an option anymore.

Golden says all they can do is the best and that's what was done in this situation.