Lansing Township To Welcome New Grocery Store

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The lights are finally on again in the grocery store space left vacant for more than a year. L&L Food Center closed its doors in late 2010, leaving Lansing Township residents without a local grocery option.

"When this store closed people were devastated," said John Daher, the Lansing Township supervisor. "I mean we talked about it for a long, long time and held meetings about how we could get another grocery store back."

Daher says the talks and meetings finally paid off -- the space at West Saginaw and Waverly is now under construction for a new grocery store. Spartan Stores will open Valu Land in just a few months, after re-furbishing site of former L&L Food Center.

Alan Hartline, the executive vice-president of marketing and merchandising at Spartan Stores, new store will fill a much-needed void in the community.
"Given the economic environment, I think value is really the mantra for our industry still and this model, this format, works absolutely perfectly for that demographic and the void that's there," Hartline said. "We're excited about being able to fill that."

Hartline says Valu Land will offer a mix of national brand and Spartan Store products at low prices. It will be the fourth Valu Land location Spartan Stores has opened in the state, and the first one in the Lansing market. Daher says the prospect of having a local grocery store again is exciting for Lansing Township residents.

"It's close to a lot of different subdivisions and a lot of people could walk or ride bikes there," said Daher. "It's a much-needed component on the west side and we're looking forward to it."

Not only will the grocery store give local residents a new option for shopping, it will also create jobs in the community. Spartan Stores says it expects to hire about 30 to 35 employees from the area.

Spartan stores is aiming to open up to customers in early May of this year. We'll keep you updated on the project's construction and when Spartan Stores will hold its grand opening.

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