Thanksgiving Givers

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At Dwight Rich Middle School Wednesday, sixth graders in Nyla Munk's art class got to decorate and pack a box for soldiers stationed in the Middle East. One of the soldiers emailed Munk and asked that she send her the makings of a Thanksgiving dinner. But instead of turkey, the soldiers asked for pizza.

Munk said the soldiers weren't able to leave the base. She said they are on lock-down due to the recent UN resolution. The students sent crust, sauce, cheese, pepperoni, olives, onions and even a can of pineapple.

The students decorated the box by drawing American flags. The patriotic box will be delivered by military mail.

In addition to the pizza, each soldier will receive a letter written by one of the students. Munk said the students were excited about the project and it helped them to understand the situation in the Middle East.

"Initially the were sad. I think they were a little afraid. But once they got into the project, it really lifted their spirits," Monk said.