Tear Gas Fired in East Lansing

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What started out as a display of school spirit quickly turned into hundreds of students crowding the streets in the middle of Cedar Village.

East Lansing police tried several times to disperse the crowd peacefully. But warnings over the intercom failed. Cops resorted to firing tear gas.

And as students fled the scene there, students in downtown East Lansing were also crowding in the street. Tear gas was also used there, but many students outside the bars say they had no warning.

A spokesman for the East Lansing Police Department says the chiefs in charge of each gassed-area say the crowds were growing in size and they were not able to contain them. This lead to the decision to use tear gas.

Many students feel the gas was unnecessary and overused. Police report about 20 arrests and two small fires. They say students should be happy no riots broke out like has happened in previous years.