City Closes Auggie's and Metro Bowl Temporarily

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Contrary to what Auggie's Pub and Grill believed walking in to Thursday's Public Safety meeting, the purpose was not to take away his liquor license; it was to discuss new ways to deal with the increasing crime at the site since July.

"During that period of time, we have had 51 calls for service. Out of those 51 calls for service, we had a total of nine shots fired," explained Lansing Police Captain Mike Yankowski.

Revoking their liquor license is the last resort for City Council and Lansing Police.

Ryan's liquor license also happens to be up for renewal in May. The City Attorney's Office says that is why they had to inspect the building recently, leading to it being red tagged for ceiling and electrical issues. Ryan says that is a lie, claiming no one has inspected the place for that license before.

The manager of Metro Bowl did not show up to the meeting. He also declined to meet by conference call. The committee says similar steps will be made with Metro Bowl as soon as they get in touch with the manager. His business was red tagged because of leaky ceilings, according to council members.

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