Arbor Pointe Apartments are Improving

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Many people associate the Arbor Pointe apartments with violence and below standard housing after gunfire wounded a girl while she was sleeping there nearly a year ago.

Plus, this summer city officials indicated nearly 200 of the 350 units needed repairs.

However, Arbor Pointe apartment managers, residents and city officials agree the complex has come full circle during the past few months.

Lansing code compliance officers say they recently inspected 80 percent of the units in the complex, and all of them were code compliant. Many residents seem happy with recent repairs including the installation of new outlets and improved door jams.

Managers say they've spent more than $700,000 on efforts to completely revamp 261 units. They say they plan to spend at least $350,000 more to fix up the final units before the end of November.

A few residents say they are still waiting for repairs, but many residents seem pleased with the efforts to improve the area.