Dorm Smoking

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Michigan State University could be the last school in the Big 10 to still allow smoking in residence Halls. The University of Michigan is considering a ban on dorm smoking that would take effect in the fall of 2003.

A recent survey of students at MSU shows that 20 percent of students here smoke. Those students don't have to go too far to light up. Nearly all of the school's 22 allow smoking in rooms. Many students say smoking is a way to relieve the stress of college life.

"I'm really stressed right now," said Julia Ridgway, taking a drag on her cigarette. "I just had a professor tell my class that our first exam was a practice and we have to take it again next week."

Olin Health Services Educator Jasmine Greenamyer says one of the school's goals is to eliminate smoking from the dorms. But, she says students need to voice concern over the situation.

Ridgway says she thinks students will continue smoking in dorms, even if it is banned.

"I think people would just put a towel under the door," Ridgway said.