Cell Phones for Soldiers

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You probably think that old cell phone you have sitting around is useless, but it's not to a Lansing woman whose son is serving in Iraq.

Linda Heusinkveld is collecting cell phones and turning them in to be recycled, the parts used to buy phone cards sent to a specific soldier.

Linda's son Aaron belongs to the Michigan Army National Guard's 119th based in Lansing, now in Baghdad. She's already sent in 50 phones to the program called Cell Phones for Soldiers.

The phones netted 14, 100 minute phone cards. They were sent to Aaron and he passed them out to others in his unit. Linda's sending another batch out this week and is hoping to continue her mission.

WILX will be collecting cell phones for the program. You can donate by dropping off a phone in our front lobby at 500 American Road in Lansing, next to Celebration Cinema.