Truancy Court May Be In Jeopardy

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Local judges say they are concerned that truancy court will be cut due to budget problems.

Probate judge Richard Garcia says the truancy program is up for elimination. He says the law and courts committee feel there is an added cost for placement of truant kids.

Lansing educators and local judges such as Garcia established the truancy program last September. Courts and schools keep track of students that have at least 10 unexcused absences or tardies.

They are then sent to truancy court and ordered to attend school on time. If the behavior continues, a parent goes to class with their child or even worse, the child goes to boot camp.

Judges say the program helps keep kids off the street, which they say means kids are committing less crimes.

Judges say they rarely order students to go boot camp or serve community service. Garcia is extremely hopeful the program will not be eliminated.