Jackson Billboards Getting Attention

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Westwinds Community Church in Jackson is behind the billboards. They have them up promoting their 'Porn Weekend' coming up April 2 and 3. During services that weekend they will have specialists in to talk with people about pornography, how it influences lives and how to break free from it.

The California based 'xxxchurch.com' is being brought in for the weekend. The event is the first in Westwinds 'Bondage' series, which looks at a variety of addictions - including eating disorders and workaholics.

A nearby gas station attendant is hearing several comments from customers who are at first confused by the signs. But, many say that while they were at first sceptical - once they learned the weekend was about breaking free from porn and not promoting - they thought the idea was ok.

One church member, however, had reservations about the billboards. The mother of two sons says the 'Porn Weekend' is a great idea... she just wishes there was more information on the signs than just a date and an email address.

For more info go to www.westwinds.org