Have Video Games Gone Too Far?

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It looks like it could be one of those 'girls gone wild' videos, but 'The Guy Game' is actually a video game. It features actual video of women removing their clothes.

The tag line of the game: "The better you play, the more skin they'll show."

The governor says she is tired of seeing so many adult-rated games available to minors.

"We have just gone too far as a society, it is time we draw the line and put our foot down," Granholm said.

On Friday, Governor Granholm joined state senator Hansen Clarke (D-Detroit) to show members of the media clips from the video game.

"We can't have our kids exposed to this kind of garbage," Clarke said.

Clarke is the author of the legislation. His bill would ban the sale and rental of adult rated video games to minors, including games like "Grand Theft Auto" or "Playboy Mansion."

Many of these explicit video games, including the guy game, are available at most video stores including Blockbuster.

If the bill passes, any game with an 'M' rating would qualify.