Pontiac & Buick Safe After All?

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The message was sent by General Motors North America Vice President Mark LeNeve. In the message he says, "The reporting of this is a misrepresentation and incorrect paraphrasing of the actual comments made."

LeNeve continues, "We are not, I repeat NOT, discussing the elimination of any of our brands."

The message was sent to dealerships less than 24 hours after GM VP Bob Lutz was quoted as saying (about Pontiac and Buick), "Over time, if one of the troubled brands that's been undernourished for many years, if it fails to turn around, then we'd have to look at a phase out."

Glenn Buege, president of 'Glenn Buege GMC/Buick' in Lansing, says he believes the message confirmed what he was thinking, that Mr. Lutz's comments were taken out of context. Not that the message was a form of damage control on the part of GM administration.

Currently, GM is pumping some $3 billion into marketing investments for Buick. But, GM also has about $300 million in outstanding debt.