Zoning Battle Over a Big, Pink Bunny

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If you've driven by Les Standford's car dealership in Jackson, then you've probably seen his Easter promotion. It'd be hard to miss the 30 foot tall pink, plastic inflatable Easter bunny.

Blackman Township's zoning administrator sure didn't pass it by. The bunny violates the township's zoning ordinance and Stanford was written up for it. But Thursday, the rented rabbit was still inflated in front of the dealership.

Les Stanford, dealership owner, says he'll pull the plug on Easter Sunday and risk getting written up for a second time. Zoning Administrator Jack Koch says typical procedure includes two notices and the maximum penalty is about a $100 fine. But the bunny will be taken down before it goes that far. Still, Stanford says he will attend the next planning commission meeting and ask for the ordinance to be amended.