Governor & Legislature Agree on Budget

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According to the governor, the plan would cut $295 million in state services. Hardest hit would include $63 million to community health programs, $33 million from human services (including a 2.7 percent cut to day-care), $35 million to universities, and $19 million from the corrections program.

But the governor says it would balance a budget estimated $376 million in debt. She also says the state would invest nearly $800 million in bonds to areas like roads ($400 million), university infrastructures ($200 million), environmental cleanup ($38 million), renovation of state buildings ($70 million), and even demolitions in preparations of next years Super Bowl in Detroit ($8 million). Granholm says that's where the 10,000 new jobs would come from.

And although those jobs would mostly be in renovation and construction, for the most part temporary jobs, Republican lawmakers are hopeful the work will lead to long-term hi-tech jobs.