Previewing Lansing's 2006 Budget

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The city of Lansing is working on a $7 million shortfall for 2006.

Mayor Tony Benavides will present his plan for covering that deficit in less then a week.

Council members are expecting a three year plan as part of this.

City officials say that's a first in the budget presentation process.

According to Mayor Tony Benavides' executive assistant, expect the city to dip into their rainy day fund to the tune of up to about $2.

News 10 is told that fund has a little less than $8 million in it right now.

Also, don't expect any cuts when it comes to police, fire and roads.

The rest is under wraps, but the mayor's office says they will continue to keep unfilled positions vacant to cut costs.

As for if layoffs will follow, that's not clear at this point.