Cooley Law Students Raise Money for Lunsford Family

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A group of Cooley Law School students has raised $1800 for the family of Jessica Lunsford.

The nine-year-old Florida girl's body was found this weekend after a three-week search. She disappeared from her bedroom in the middle of the night. A convicted-sex offender has been charged with capital murder.

The students found out her mom, Angela Bryant of Ohio, would have to drive to Florida for the funeral because she can't afford airfare.

"We didn't think it was appropriate for the family to have to drive 15-18 hours by van for the situation they're in right now," said Randy Eads, a student.

The students are sending out hundreds of e-mails and phone calls asking for donations. Monday they paid for Bryant and fourteen relatives to fly round-trip.

Another $3600 is still needed to fund the trip.

The students are setting up a bank account for people who want to donate. That information will be available Tuesday.