Contentious Anniversary

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Two years ago March 19, the U.S. government and its coalition forces began the war in Iraq. It's a date those opposed to that war use as an international day of action. Activists say there were 24 such protests in Michigan on Saturday, over 700 nationwide.

The Jackson Interfaith Peacekeepers met in downtown Jackson. They admit they usually wear an anti-war political agenda on their sleeves, but on this anniversary, their protest was more funeral march then demonstration. They carried signs to note the 1,500 Americans dead, and recited the names of each Michigan soldier in a vigil ceremony.

"It's terrible when it's some one else's son, but when it's mine...," Marjorie Mackinder said of her fears for her grandson who served, explaining her role in the event.

In Lansing, over 100 convened on the Capitol to voice protest. They spoke about the costs of the war, and the international pressure against the U.S. as a result of it.

They caravaned in cars and bikes to Michigan State University, and met again with students and faculty to hear speakers.