Getting Your Flu Shots

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At Liberty Court Assisted Living in Dewitt, residents there are staying busy as they wait to get a flu shot. For 80-year-old Maurice Van Steen Kiste, he's willing to wait because he knows how effective the vaccine is.

"The last time I got it, I felt great. I just want to prevent me from getting it again," said Maurice, resident.

The CDC says people over the age of 65 or those with a weakened immune system are at highest risk for the flu and should get a flu shot. But at a place like Liberty Court Assisted Living, it's not just the residents in line for the vaccine.

"Our staff gets immunized too and we encourage the families of residents to get immunized. If they come to visit on a regular basis, they could be bringing in the flu from the outside," said Mary Fox, RN, Liberty Court Assisted Living.

The Ingham Visiting Nurses Association administers the shots and it's this time of year that their calendar is packed with requests to visit local businesses.

"Beginning in November is the time we get a lot of people asking us to come to their business. We'll do it until we run out of the vaccine. We just think it's important to do so," said Paula Hall, Ingham Visiting Nurses Assoc.

Residents like Maurice appreciate the visit. While it's a bit of a wait, it seems to be worth it, especially if it could lead to a mild flu season.

The Ingham Visiting Nurses Association will be administering the shots to the general public. You can call their hotline at 367-5941

Check here for a complete list of where and when flu shots are being administered.