Public Concerns Over GM Assembly Plant Closure

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The majority of questions centered around the future of the buildings and the property that plant sits on. GM spokeswoman Kim Carpenter says it's too early to speculate what will happen... only that they will continue to maintain an open dialogue with the public.

Many were also worried that property values would go down around the plant. But, the Lansing City Assessor says it's unlikely that will happen.

Some were also concerned that the new Delta Township Plant - set to open next year - will not generate as much tax revenue as the current assembly plant. But, Lansing City Director of Finance Glenn Kirk says a special deal was cut in which the new Delta Township Plant will be associated with the City of Lansing for tax purposes.

The meeting was arranged by Lansing City Councilwoman Geneva Smith, who was also wondering what would be done with the soon to be empty assembly plant. Even though a concrete answer was not given, some who left were happy that the outlook was optomistic and believes all partners would be working together for a positive outcome.

Meanwhile, Kim Carpenter reaffirmed GM's committement to the Lansing area - citing the Grand River Plant... and the new Delta Township Plant coming next year.