Gas Prices Soar

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The president of Michigan's Service Station Dealers Association, Ed Weglarz, says that national record high may be outdated. He predicts it is probably higher.

Gas prices in Mid-Michigan range in the $2.20 range for a gallon of regular gasoline. Weglarz says he has probably not seen prices this high since the Wolverine pipeline ruptured in June of 2000. That interrupted the supply of gas, among many other problems.

Weglarz says Thursday's high prices can be attributed to a record high price for crude oil and a high worldwide demand. But, he says, prices normally jump between April 1st and May 1st when retailers have to switch to their summer product. But because prices are already high, Weglarz predicts they will stay high.

If OPEC increases production, Weglarz says it may cut prices a little, but he predicts the cost of gas will probably stay at about $2.20 per gallon throughout the summer.