Okemos Apartment Standoff

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It started around 9 a.m. The suspect was pulled over by Dep. Mark O'Farrell because he had too many objects hanging from his review mirror.

"I asked for his driver’s license and registration, then he put the car in drive and started to flee from me eastbound on Jolly," O'Farrell said.

The high-speed chase led to the Meridian Meadows apartment complex in Okemos. The suspect then decided to flee on foot.

Police tracked the suspect down thanks to the help of O'Farrell's K-9 partner. The police dog pursued the suspect almost two miles to the front door of an apartment inside the complex, which police said is occupied by a female acquaintance of the suspect.

Police said he then tried to punch a hole through the wall in the apartment next door to escape, but by then they had already surrounded the whole building.

"We activated the East Lansing response team," said Lt. Tom Couling of the Meridian Police dept. "The swat team came out and secured the house."

After the suspect refused to exit, the swat team decided to enter the apartment. No shots were fired.

"No one was injured, the initial person is in custody and it was a successful operation," Couling said.

The suspect's name has not been released. A spokesman from the Ingham Co. Sheriff's office said he has several outstanding warrants, but not for anything serious.