Ford Grandson to Retire From Board

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William Clay Ford Sr., the only surviving grandson of Henry Ford, is retiring from Ford Motor Co.'s board of directors after serving for more than half a century, the automaker said Wednesday.

Ford Sr., who will turn 80 on Monday, plans to leave the company's board of directors in May. He will become a director emeritus at the board's request, the company said.

Ford Sr. isn't suffering from any illness and will continue to play an active role with the company, spokesman Oscar Suris said.

"Leaving the board will relieve me of formal duties and give me more flexibility, but I still expect to spend as much time as possible with the extended family of Ford people and will gladly help the company and the board in any way I can," Ford Sr. said in a statement. "The Ford Motor Company has always been part of my life, and I continue to draw a lot of energy from this wonderful and exciting business."