Same-Sex Partner Benefits for Public Workers in Jeopardy

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The opinion was in response to a question by a Kalamazoo County Commissioner who wanted to know if they were required to provide same-sex partner benefits to City of Kalamazoo employees.

Cox is quoated in the Deptriot Free Press as saying the 'only relationship that may be given any recognition or acknowledgement of validity is the union of one man and one woman in marriage.'

Ingham County Commissioner, Chris Swope helped initiate same-sex partner benefits for some county employees. He says Cox's opinion is an effort to use Proposition Two (voted into law which says marriage is limited to one man and one woman) for exactly what supporters said it wouldn't... deny same-sex partner benefits.

But, the Attorney General says 'The law is what the law is... this is the logical outcome of what the voters approved.'

Marie Wolfe is an assistant attorney for Ingham County. Her partner Jeannie just gave birth to twins... and the two are worried what will happen if Jeannie - who has type 2 diabetes - loses her benefits through Marie's work. They're afraid benefits for their two newborns may be cut as well.