Lansing GM Jobs Driven to Grand Blanc

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According to General Motors, 285 Lansing GM jobs will be transferred from Lansing’s Tooling Center, a division within the GM Metal Fabrication Plant, to GM’s Grand Blanc plant.

Also affected are 225 jobs in Pontiac, Michigan as well as 130 in Mansfield, Ohio.

Local 652 Vice President, Jim DooLittle, calls the move a financial decision by General Motors.

He said the transfer was due to the fact GM leased the building in Lansing, where as Grand Blanc owned their plant including more updated equipment.

GM claims the transfer will not result in the loss of jobs, and has offered to train any employee in another trade who doesn’t want to commute.

Union officials say the transition will occur immediately, but not impact Lansing until 6 to 12 months.