Poison Prevention Week

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It's estimated 100,000 calls are made each year to Michigan's Poison Control Center. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports nine out of every 10 suspected poison exposures happen in the household with commonly-used products.

Cleaning supplies and personal care items such as baby oil or mouthwash with ethanol are among the most common ingested poisons. Other products that can easily slip into the hands and mouths of children include medication, vitamins and supplements.

Kendra Moyses of the Michigan State University Extension is an expert in home safety. She says cleaning products should be kept in locked cabinets or up high so children can not reach them.

Medications should also be kept out of the reach of children and in their original, child-proof containers with the labels still attached. Kendra says many medications can look like candy to children which is why it's especially important to educate children to not eat something without knowing what it is.

If an accident happens, stay calm and call the poison control hotline at 1-800-222-1222. Keep this number by your telephone.