REO Town Revitalization

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The Popoff Meat Company began 49 years ago in REO Town. It's getting back to its retail roots with a facelift and a move back to Lansing for its off-site location. Tim McCarthy, President of Popoff Meat Company, says it just makes sense. Currently, Popoff's cooked deli meat operation is run out of Grand Rapids, but soon it will be back in REO Town. Back to the building updating its facade to help improve the look and feel of REO Town.

Greg Husby, President of the REO Town Commercial Association, says he's happy to hear about the decision. It's another notch in the business belt on the South Washington strip, but there's still a long way to go says Husby.

Other projects in REO Town's future include the possible renovation of the Depot property, a new Quality Dairy convenience store as well as continued facade construction.