East Lansing Wants Lower Speed Limit

The city of East Lansing is putting in a formal request to lower the speed limit on Chandler Rd. It comes just one week after a Michigan State University student was hit and killed by a car on that road.

East Lansing is asking Clinton and Ingham Counties to lower the speed limit to 35 mph. Currently the limit is 55 in Clinton County and 45 in Ingham County.

Early last Sunday, 19-year-old Clare McCormick was run over and killed when she and a friend were walking on Chandler Rd. The friend was also hit and is in critical condition.

Along with lower speed limits, East Lansing is proposing sidewalks and better lighting on the road. City officials say heavy construction and rapid development also add to the reason for the lowered speed limit.

The city made a similar request two years ago, but that request was denied.