Candidates Discuss Views During Forum

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Candidates running for positions in the state Senate, House and Lansing City Council discussed their views Sunday during a forum at Grace Lutheran Church in Lansing.

Senate candidates Virg Bernero (D) and Paul Deweese (R), who are running for the 23rd District Senate seat, emphasized their priorities during their five-minute opening remarks.

Bernero emphasized his interest in prevention of crime and violence. He said it's important to help kids become educated to avoid violence. He emphasized the need to revamp the mental health care program in Michigan as well as the prison system.

Deweese explained his desire to improve Michigan's economy. He said it is a challenge to make the community a place where people will invest time and money for years to come.

House candidates Gretchen Whitmer (D) and Larry Ward (R), who are running for seats in the 69th District of the House, put public education and balancing the budget at the top of their priority lists.