Homeowners Pick Up After Icy Grand River Spills Into Their Homes

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A state of emergency remains in effect Tuesday night in Eaton County's Windsor Township. All the while, sand bags are on stand by and homeowners are cleaning their basements.

Nanci and Steve Theis live in the Grand Pointe Subdivision, on a channel near the mouth of the river. The couple says they pumped 300 gallons of water out of their rec room over a 12 hour period. The carpet has been pulled, furniture moved out and now the shop vacs and pumps wait in the wings until Mother Nature makes her next move.

Eaton County and Windsor Township Emergency Services staff are monitoring the Grand River's levels hourly, but it urges people to call 911 if they should see a sudden gush of water. Meantime, crews will be out assessing flood damage starting about 10:00 a.m. Wednesday in the Grand Pointe Subdivision. If you are not able to be home on Wednesday please call (517) 372 –8217 extension 325.