Anti-War Protest Fills East Lansing Streets

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People of all ages carried anti-war signs and marched throughout downtown East Lansing Saturday afternoon. They chanted "Drop Bush not Bombs" as they trudged through the misty rain.

Some people in favor of military action also observed the protest. They expressed their feelings that it is necessary to eliminate Saddam Hussein from power in order to promote peace.

Some people who were not involved in the protest said they would like to avoid war, but if war develops it is necessary for citizens to support the United States in its military efforts.

The peace rally slowed traffic on Grand River Avenue in East Lansing as protesters marched in the left lane of the one-way street.

Early in the afternoon, a fight broke out between a Vietnam veteran who argued the importance of defending the United States and a peace activist. Friends of each person quickly broke up the altercation while some peace activists shouted "No violence!"