Grand Ledge HS Teens Arrested for Threatening Teacher

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Michigan State Police arrested two 15-year-old Grand Ledge High School students on charges of aggravated stalking and using a computer to commit a felony. Both are felony charges.

The pair is being held in the Eaton County Juvenile Detention Center. MSP say they began posting threats to harm their teacher early in the year. Those threats escalated, most recently warning they'd kill her and her family. State police say both had a history of absenteeism and disruptive behavior in this teacher's classroom.

Another teacher at Grand Ledge discovered the threats on two Internet Web sites:, and They are places where anyone can post a Web site or a blog. The postings in question have been taken down. Both Web sites specifically forbid harassment and posting threats in their "terms of use" agreements.

The Grand Ledge school district declined to comment Sunday. They say they are committed to working with the police in this investigation. They will meet to discuss a statement for the press on Monday.