Ice Jam on Grand River

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Water levels on the Grand River appeared to have peaked over the weekend, but now ice is the new enemy, causing the river to back up and flood parts of the Grand Pointe subdivision.

"It was coming in really, really fast," said Kay Jones, a 16-year resident of the subdivision.

The water came in too fast for Jones and her husband Larry, whose basement is now completely flooded.

Firemen went door to door warning people of the incoming water. They want to let residents know what to do in case their basement floods.

"We have no way of knowing how high it will rise," said Charles Kribley, Chief of Windsor Township Emergency Services. "We urge people to take a look in the basement and if it looks like the water is going to come in, consider turning off any electrical circuits that serve the basements and also shut off any natural gas appliances in the basements."

Kribley also said flooding could lead to other severe household hazards.

"Most people don't know how to turn off the gas in individual appliances or they're scared, and they need some help or advice, that's all we're doing," he said.

So where are the main problem areas along the river?

"Anybody who is in a low lying area near the river between downstream from Diamondale to the city of Lansing should be monitoring river levels," said Sgt. Aaron Brown of the Eaton Co. Emergency Dept.

Jones was monitoring the river, and hoping to avoid the flooding she experienced last spring. But when the ice came, the tables turned.

"It's a big loss, it really is, cause it will take us as long time to get put back together," Jones said.