Grand Ledge Public Schools Stay Open for MLK Day

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While most school districts here in mid-Michigan close down for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Grand Ledge Public Schools has opted to stay open. It's a decision that's leaving some parents angry and wondering why.

Dan Davis, Grand Ledge Public Schools Spokesperson, says the district negotiated the day as an "in class" day instead of designating it a holiday. The idea was to use teaching instead of time off to educate.

Mary Ann Anderson, a parent of a Grand Ledge student, doesn't agree with the designation saying you can't use the day as if it doesn't mean anything or fit on the calendar this year. Another parent, Carrie Davis, says the decision raises issues for her and she doesn't know if she wants her daughter to go to school in the Grand Ledge district anymore.

Grand Ledge Public Schools negotiates its contracts on a yearly basis so there is a chance Martin Luther King Jr. day could be a holiday next year. Both parents we spoke with say they will work hard to make it happen.