Lansing School District Will Not Show Music Video

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The children's music video making headlines across the country has made its way to the Lansing School District, but it won't be shown in classrooms.

The video, titled "We are family: A musical message for all" has been sent to some 60,000 elementary schools across the country. It features more than 100 popular cartoon characters singing the disco themed song.

One of the video's backers, the Anti-Defamation League, says it's meant to teach tolerance and diversity. But the American Family Association says the teaching guide that comes with the video, specifically a section titled "What is family?" distorts the definition of family to produce a non-traditional model, one it believes is meant to include homosexual couples.

Betsy Kellman, Regional Director of the ADL, says the controversy surrounding this video and the teaching guide is ludicrous, for us there is no controversy.

Regardless, Lansing School District Spokesperson Mark Mayes says the district already has a tolerance and diversity curriculum in place and will not be showing the video.