Frozen Roads

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The road says closed, but Dodge, Ford, and Chevy at the insection at Wilbur Hwy. and Canal Road has to see for themselves.

"I can see the yellow divider line, so its probably on 5 or 6 inches deep." Those are famous last words from Terry Fitzwater. Maybe it was just 5 or 6 inches, but the ice on the other side got even his SUV stuck for a few minutes.

Crossing the frozen lake is a traffic violation. Sgt. Rod Sadler, Eaton County Sheriff's Department, says it could earn you a ticket, but even more likely, he warms you'll stall your vehicle and get stranded.

Road closures in Ingham County:
Olds Ave. between Cooper And Meridian
Plains between Kelly And Hawley
Mccue Rd. between Eifert And Gunn
Harper Rd. between Wolverine And Okemos
Okemos Rd. between Central Park Drive And Haslett
Hillcrest Ave. between Okemos And Seminole
Nakoma Drive and Ottawa Dr. in the Indian Hills Subdivision

...and in Eaton County:
Five Point Hwy. between Matthews And Mauer
Mt. Hope Hwy. between Mulliken And Loucks
Royston Rd. at Davis Hwy
Canal Rd. between Wilbur And Rossman Highways.

Neither Ingham nor Eaton County are draining roads. Expect closures until further notice. (1/15/05)