New Campaign to Prevent Accidental Infant Death

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With a successful public awareness campaign more than a decade ago, health officials say the number of cases of SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, has dropped. But the number of infant deaths has not decreased. Health officials say this is due to another urgent concern- other unsafe sleep environments.

This sparks the start of a new public awareness campaign called "KISS," or "Keeping Infants Sleeping Safely." The program outlines seven rules anyone taking care of an infant should know.

Those rules are:
1. Baby sleeps in a crib.
2. Baby sleeps on back.
3. Nothing in sleep area.
4. Baby's face uncovered.
5. No smoking around baby.
6. Do not overheat or overdress.
7. Firm mattress, tight-fitting sheet.

Health officials say this is just the start to what they hope is a national campaign with the goal to save babies.

For more information call the Ingham County Health Department at 517-887-4322 or Tomorrow's Child at 1-800-331-7437.