Pileup Toll

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More than 200 cars were involved in a massive pileup which occurred in heavy fog on I-96. Two people were killed in separate accidents, one in the west bound lane near mile marker 118 near Williamston Road and the other on east bound lane, near mile marker 115 near Meridian Road.

Thirty-seven people were injured in the crash. Four are in critical condition and five are in serious condition.

Twenty-six people were transported to Sparrow Hospital, three to St. Lawrence and eight to St. Joseph's Hospital in Howel.

In the accident at mile marker 115, a vehicle driven by an adult male smashed into the back of semi killing him instantly.

The Accident at mile marker 118 involved a GMC Envoy and 10 other vehicles. The Envoy was hit by a semi killing a 14-year-old boy and injuring his mother and grandmother. They are both in critical condition.

The Ingham County Sheriff's department estimates 114 vehicles are in the east bound lane. Eighty to 100 vehicles are in the west bound lane.