Education Task Force Picks Direction

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Kim McCoy has two kids who currently attend Allen Street Elementary. But, that school - along with four others in the Lansing School District - will be closing at the end of the year due to budget cuts.

Kim says they're losing a contributing member of their community, and is waiting for the city's decision on what to do.

Meantime, David Wiener with the Mayor's office says the Mayor's Education Task Force has decided to focus on what to do with the buildings that will be left empty after the school's close.

In the past, closing schools have made successful transitions in the area. Neogyn, a local startup which as gone worldwide, is headquartered were the old Oak Park School once operated.

Options for the current closing schools have already been proposed by the public... such as teen or community centers - which Kim says would be a welcome addition.

Wiener say the public's opinion will be important and heard at a series of meetings at the closed schools.

More immediately, Wiener will propose a plan to the task force - including MSU President Simon, LCC President Cunningham and Mayor Benavides on March 14.