Lansing Board of Water & Light Victim of Alleged Computer Theft

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He had access to a company computer and he may have used it to make hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of illegal purchases.

Lansing Board of Water & Light's Director of Communications John Strickler says an employee was terminated Wednesday after he admitted to stealing passwords and making purchases.

Strickler says the former employee purchased about $450,000 worth of computer equipment in the last seven years. The transactions noticed only recently when a manager found three identical purchases. The FBI is investigating the incident because unauthorized intrusion into a computer system is a federal crime. Strickler says BWL has theft insurance and doesn't anticipate any rate hikes because of the incident.

The employee worked at the Erickson Station for 19 years as a Plant Helper which is basically a custodial position. He had access to company computers because part of his daily duties included ordering and delivering parts to BWL plants.