Michigan Hunter Contracts Deer Disease

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A Michigan hunter has been diagnosed with bovine tuberculosis, which he apparently contracted while field-dressing a deer he killed in October in Alcona County, state health officials said Thursday.

The man, whom officials did not identify, cut his hand while dressing the deer and sought medical attention after noticing lesions in the animal's chest cavity, said T.J. Bucholz, spokesman for the Michigan Department of Community Health.

The hunter is in good condition and is being treated with antibiotics, Bucholz said.

The man is the first living human known to have contracted the strain of bovine TB that has infected deer and cattle in Michigan's northern Lower Peninsula, Bucholz said.

The same strain was found during an autopsy of an elderly person who died in 2002, but it was not the cause of death, he said.

Eight people from foreign countries have been diagnosed with bovine TB in Michigan since 1995, but they had different strains of the disease.