Tight State Senate Race

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Monday's campaign efforts involved a lot of walking and a lot of knocking, as Democrat Virg Bernero and Republican Paul Deweese took to several Lansing neighborhoods, reminding voters to visit the polls on Tuesday.

Political researchers say the two men are neck and neck. According to EPIC/MRA political researchers, the two candidates were within five points of each other in last month's polls.

Virg Bernero says he plans to invest in the people by enhancing public education, and improving mental health care in the state, if he is elected.

Paul Deweese says he is planning to focus on health care by making it easier for people to afford prescription drugs, and he plans to make quality public education a high priority on his list.

Experts say the governor's race will play a large role in determining who will win the Senate race. EPIC/MRA researchers say if hardcore Democrats come to the polls, and if Jennifer Granholm does well, the Senate seat will likely go to Virg Bernero.

Researchers also say Independents and moderate Democrats may be likely to choose Paul Deweese and could sway the election in his direction.

Voters can go to the polls tomorrow as early as 7:00 a.m. Tuesday. Experts say every vote is crucial in this competitive race.