Lansing Car Assembly Workers Look to New Delta Township Plant

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Kim Carpenter, spokesperson for General Motors, says there will be about 2,900 jobs to be filled at the Delta Township Plant. She says workers in U.A.W. local 602 will have first rights to the jobs at the new plant.

President of U.A.W. local 602, Art Luna, says he expects about 2,400 jobs at the Delta Township Plant to be filled with 602 local workers.

President of U.A.W. local 652, Chris "Tiny" Sherwood, says he expects about 400 to 600 jobs there to be filled with 652 local workers.

Carpenter says there are about 1,500 602 local workers and about 2,000 local workers at the Lansing Car Assembly. These workers will go into "lay-off" status for 48 weeks and then go into a job bank as they work other jobs and receive normal compensation.

There are already other local 602 workers in the job bank awaiting permanent placement.

Both Carpenter and Sherwood say they will work to place workers in other G.M. facilities in town such as the Lansing Grand River, Lansing Craft Centre, and Lansing Metal Center.