MEAP Merits Multiply

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There’s good news and bad news for Merit award winners and student MEAP results. The good news is that student participation in the 11th grade MEAP tests rose 16 percent in 2002 according to the Michigan Department of Treasury.

The Bad news is that a smaller percentage of students met or exceeded Michigan standards versus last year.

Department of treasury representatives say the decline is a “statistical issue,” and should not be interpreted as a decrease in Michigan student achievement.

Due to the increase in students taking the exam there will be more Merit scholarships handed out this year.

To qualify for a merit scholarship, students must score a level one (exceeding Michigan standards) or level 2 (meeting Michigan standards) in all but the social studies section of the MEAP exam.

The scholarship is worth $2,500 that can be applied to any accredited Michigan education institution after secondary education.