Major Cuts to Section Eight Housing

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The Lansing Housing Commission is not taking this decision sitting down. New budgets for Section Eight housing reduce monthly funding by $100,000 a month. Director Chris Stuchell says that's unreasonable and they've already filed an appeal.

January will be about waiting, and planning how to handle a worst case scenario.

The commission uses the money to help 1,400 Lansing residents make rent and make utilities. Participants pay 30 percent of their income to their landlords. Section Eight picks up the balance.

Stuchell says at least 5,000 people are on the wait list for this funding. They've already stopped issuing new vouchers from that list. Stuchell says the priority now is to continue funding for families they are currently helping. If cuts go through, he says it may mean asking them to pick up a greater portion of the tab.

Jackson's Housing Commission is facing similar cuts. They will lose just under $25,000 with the new budgets. They serve 475 people. They have not filed an appeal and plan to cut personnel as a result.