Workers Receive Memo Announcing Lansing Car Assembly Closure

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Just 20 minutes before the first shift ended, workers were given the memo announcing General Motors' Lansing Car Assembly plant will cease operations on approximately May 20.

Chris McWhorter, a maintenance electrician, says he knew it was coming but everyone was saying it wouldn't be until next year.

Inspector Tim Simpson says in the past he heard rumors that one shift would be shutting down but not the entire operation. News Ten has learned that two portions, Fisher Body or Plant 6 and the Chassis Complex, or Plant 1, will be affected.

The memo employees were given says the news is difficult and sooner than expected, but we can all take pride in the many contributions the LCA team has made to GM during our rich history.

The memo goes on to say meetings will be scheduled later this week in order to answer any questions employees may have.