LCC Discovers Recalled Meat

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The first time WILX-TV 10 questioned school officials at Lansing Catholic Central about having possibly contaminated meat, the answer was, "We have none." But soon after that interview, Principal Jim Olin called back to report there was meat in the school freezer unused.

Olin said, "I have to give you credit," for the discovery.

The federal government ordered a nation wide recall of contaminated meat last week. Turns out the lunchmeat in the LCC freezer had been there since last month. The school was just notified on Tuesday of the problem by the Lansing Catholic Diocese.

The Michigan Catholic Conference is complaining that the State Department of Education notified all the public schools of the potential problem via fax last week. It sent the "recall alert" to parochial schools via mail, which meant those schools lost two days in dealing with the possible problem.

Students in a Bay City Catholic school actually ate the meat but it could be another week before they might show any signs of the listeria bacteria.