Police Identify Homicide Victim

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It started with a suspicious vehicle in the drive at 5325 Millett Highway. It ends with two men dead and police still searching for someone else who may have been a part of Sunday's strange turn of events.

Eaton County police identified Delta Township's first homicide victim of the year as 40-year-old Eric Joslyn. Undersheriff Fred McPhail says Joslyn returned home around 7:30 Sunday night to find a strange vehicle in his drive. Joslyn followed the car, called 911, and then went back home to meet with a sheriff's deputy. But someone was still in his house. Police say 48-year-old Dennis Lee Weyandt of East Lansing was attempting to rob Joslyn's home, and then he shot Joslyn and hijacked a vehicle from the Meijer Distribution Center.

Police caught up with Weyandt around 2 a.m. Monday. After a short chase he pulled out a shotgun and took his own life. Police are still looking for someone else who may have information about Joslyn's death. Please contact the Eaton County Sheriff's Department at (517) 323-8489 if you have any information.