Man Accused of Killing Samantha Detzler Has Lengthy Criminal History

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He's accused of killing 12-year-old Samantha Detzler, and it turns out his criminal history includes more than just a short stay in prison. The list starts in 1991 when Steven James Gilbert was just 23 years old.

Gilbert pleaded guilty to one count of felony burglary and was fined $100 and thirty months probation. Thirteen months later, he got a misdemeanor for driving drunk. He paid $320 and spent 90 days in jail. In 1995, Gilbert was arrested for felony kidnapping, pleaded it down, and was sentenced five to 10 years in prison. He spent just shy of four years in prison, but would soon return.

In March of 2001 he was charged with another felony assault; this time it was pleaded to a misdemeanor assault. He spent 30 days in jail then another two years in prison.

His last conviction occurred in Montcalm County last June, a felony stolen vehicle charge pleaded down to driving on a suspended license for the second time. He was fined $1500 and 120 days in jail.

A local attorney helping us sort through the charges says it looks like Gilbert went through the appropriate channels every single time.

Gilbert is now being held in Clinton County without bond. His next court date is March 10.