Lansing Area Congregations Pitching In

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At the Islamic Center of East Lansing, after the largest congregation of the week, members generously donate. At St. Peter Catholic Church in Eaton Rapids, Father Bennett Constantine prepares to go to Sri Lanka.

Lansing area congregations are using their prayers and pocketbooks to aid in relief efforts after Sunday's destructive tsunami. Sani Abbas, Vice President of the Islamic Center of East Lansing, says donations are being collected and prayers were said for the victims during Friday's sermon.

Father Constantine will take money to two bishops in Sri Lanka, money raised by friends and parishoners. Constantine says he wants to be part of the suffering of his people.

Meantime, the Hindu Bharatiya Temple of Lansing is holidng its prayer service on New Year's Day. Prayers for tsunami victims will be included, the service begins at 8 a.m.